Common Sense vs. Heroism: Land of Heroes

My English friend was translating the Lithuanian Anthem and got impressed by one line in particular: “Lithuania, our dear homeland,/Land of worthy heroes!” (Probably it just made him cringe, honestly. But nevermind.) I explained that “hero” literally means “a great man” rather than someone having supernatural or extraordinary powers.

Recently one article has caught my eye. A few men in one Lithuanian town have teamed up and saved a beaver (hahahaha), trapped in a dam. The headline said something like “Heroes saved an animal”. Apparently people were calling various services and even a help line for nearly a week, in attempts to make the professionals come and deal with the situation. Finally, I figure someone more sensible and assertive noticed the beaver (hahahahaha), invited a few other dudes and saved the poor thing. No big drama. Job done. As it should have been.

The commentators however were condemning these services for inefficiency and praising the men for such a brave feat. And this really bugs me. Because it illustrates the fact, that a lot of people where I come from still think that there has to be some sort of institution, that will solve all of the problems in the world.

That sort of mindset is unproductive. It portends weakness, inability to act and take on the responsibility. I know these people. I have met them. They stand aside and comment, instead of taking action and designing their own version of reality. That kind of mindset is opposite to being an individualist. It’s a nonentity.

And it really bugs me. A lot.

So my point here is that what these guys did with the beaver (yay!), is just the way it should have been done. I argue, that this is not a heroic act, but rather a sensible thing to do. Sometimes you have to be assertive in life and just do things, solve problems yourself. And not wait for the services to show up and do it for you. That’s just lazy. And lame.

Our government has spoiled people. There are too many unreasonable bans. You might get fined for crossing the street on a red light, even when there are no vehicles. You might get fined for sipping wine or beer in a park in summer. The fresh one just kills me: you must show your ID buying alcohol. Always. Even if you are obviously a pensioner. And now they are about to enforce even more ridiculous laws. Like selling alcohol in a specialized shops only. Which means that supermarkets will have to increase prices on already expensive food. My people cannot afford such stupidity!

It is outrageous. Because it dehumanizes people by implying that they are incapable little creatures, in a desperate need of guidance in every step they make. It deprives our power to freely use common sense and bring it to action. Just like those Soviet squares and lines used to.

And that used to really annoy me and destroy my soul, when I would see people being limp and cowardly. I do understand that the regime has had an effect. But it’s really time to wake up from that lethargic sleep. There is no greater feeling in the world than when you are a confident person, who makes things happen. Turns ideas into action and not lingers in apathy or fear. Who is free to use common sense. Whose power of will is not being disabled.

English are the biggest individualists I have ever met. As Jaz Coleman once said to me – in England you will find the biggest number of eccentrics.

And eccentricity goes shoulder to shoulder with individuality.

I took a deep exhilarating breath here in England. It makes me feel human. It is an empowering feeling.


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