Drag Heroins: It’s A Golden Age in Lithuania For You, My Dears

In this post I will prove to y’all, that a wonderful time for the artists is emerging in this godforsaken place.

But first I will rave about my love for the drag queens. Then I will show how they will make our country great again.

Drag – Punk Rock at Its Best

Drag is an old form of expression and especially in the post-Lady Gaga era, it has been introduced to the mainstream. However, it still has preserved its punk rock roots and spirit: drag queens are the marginal artists, rejected by the society and sadly often by their families too. After a few decades our children will look at us as a bunch of narrow-minded, selfish, backward-thinking fucks.

I have discovered drag through my friend J., who told me to watch RuPaul’s show. God bless television. It’s been the source of inspiration and fun ever since. Apparently, a lot of drag queens are incredibly talented visual artists, performers and entertainers. They even design and tailor their costumes. They create their characters, who have the superstar qualities and they fully express them through clothes, performances and the painted countenance.

My favorite drag queen Sharon Needles is the epitome of underground art. She was the future of drag 5 years ago and she still remains to be.  She entered RuPaul’s competition and won it. She came from the shittiest bars, where she used to perform with her fellow sisters. Their drag clique has become sort of an urban legend, due to the off the wall deviant stuff they were doing to entertain the visitors. Sharon has won the competition to her own big surprise and skyrocketed to fame. She’s an icon ever since. (If interested, check out my other beloved drag queens: Acid Betty, Pearl, Violet Chachki, Detox, Alaska, Raja, Alyssa Edwards.)

Look at her!

To me drag is still very much avant-garde. (To me avant-garde is the most beautiful, inspiring and respected form of art.) Not only it offers fresh aesthetics. It also pushes societies buttons, questions its norms and challenges its old ways. Majority doesn’t like it. But that’s just the way of life, how the avant-garde rolls: it’s always the minority that pushes a civilization forwards. Everyone else just drags along. (Ha!)

So now I will explain why drag will be good for us.

Bring Drag to Lithuania

So I have been whining to all of my foreign friends about how backward-oriented my poor little country is. I feel like I have to propose a solution. So here it is.

Bring drag to Lithuania. It needs them! Bring it on! I promise: because of all these ridiculous bans, pious and rigid rules they are implementing, it is going to be one of the most exciting times for the artists. (Any artists, for that matter. ) This whole malarkey will be the source of inspiration. Because when someone goes over the top with rigidity, someone answers with being over the top deviant. We won’t conform. That’s just in human nature. So the hope is still there.

Music scene has already been revived, a lot of new kids have emerged. They sing in Lithuanian and they have brought the language back to life, which — guess what! — is also being policed by VLKK (The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language, which regulates the language, which even has the nerve to correct writers’ novels and forbid us to develop our own language in its organic way. Fuck you, VLKK!).

People say: oh, we will find a way around this. But listen – that’s even worse: disobeying the law will corrupt and spoil the character, turning all of us into criminals.

So anyway. My point is, that something like drag, would be a gift sent from God to my little country. Because I don’t want it to be stagnant and backward-thinking. Especially because it never used to be like that. It’s recently become like this. Guess people are really scared and reluctant to accept the evolution. That’s almost like an obsession. Not healthy. It’s sickening. Deny evolution – accept piety? No way.

So introducing drag scene would be outrageous, but then again it would balance things out. Also it would be a logical answer to all the hypocritical fuckheads, that will not stop ruining my country.

My rage toward you has no end. And this is not the end.


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